Source code for pfrl.explorers.additive_ou

from logging import getLogger

import numpy as np

from pfrl import explorer

[docs]class AdditiveOU(explorer.Explorer): """Additive Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process. Used in for exploration. Args: mu (float): Mean of the OU process theta (float): Friction to pull towards the mean sigma (float or ndarray): Scale of noise start_with_mu (bool): Start the process without noise """ def __init__( self, mu=0.0, theta=0.15, sigma=0.3, start_with_mu=False, logger=getLogger(__name__), ): = mu self.theta = theta self.sigma = sigma self.start_with_mu = start_with_mu self.logger = logger self.ou_state = None def evolve(self): # dx = theta (mu - x) + sigma dW # for a Wiener process W noise = np.random.normal(size=self.ou_state.shape, loc=0, scale=self.sigma) self.ou_state += self.theta * ( - self.ou_state) + noise def select_action(self, t, greedy_action_func, action_value=None): a = greedy_action_func() if self.ou_state is None: if self.start_with_mu: self.ou_state = np.full(a.shape,, dtype=np.float32) else: sigma_stable = self.sigma / np.sqrt(2 * self.theta - self.theta ** 2) self.ou_state = np.random.normal( size=a.shape,, scale=sigma_stable ).astype(np.float32) else: self.evolve() noise = self.ou_state self.logger.debug("t:%s noise:%s", t, noise) return a + noise def __repr__(self): return "AdditiveOU(mu={}, theta={}, sigma={})".format(, self.theta, self.sigma )